What is the purpose in putting? Is it to make the putt? Yes, but you have no control of the ball going in the hole, and if you hit the putt the same every time from the same distance, say 30 feet, 100 putts in row will end up in 100 different places. That is assuming you hit every putt the same, which is a big assumption. So the real goal in putting is to pick your line you want the ball to start on and hit that line every time. This is what players refer to as seeing the line of the putt. It is being able to stand over a putt and envision the line the ball will roll on towards the hole.

If you pointed your finger or a stick at a target, you would instinctively put your dominant eye over the line of what you are pointing. For this reason if you can get your eyes over the line of the putt you will see the line more precisely. Your eyes over the ball also influences how the putter sits on the ground behind the ball, known as lie angle. The lie angle has an effect on the solidity of the shot which influences distance control, how well the ball rolls, and how well the putt holds the line. How your eyes are over the ball effects how you initially aim your putter. For example, players who have their eyes on the inside of the ball tend to aim to the left (for a right handed player) as compensation.


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The Goal putting device is a practical training aide that helps you to align yourself over the ball better without having to use mirrors or other people to line you up.
— LinksNation.com
It was scary how effective the results were.
— PGA.com

The Goal putting and teaching aid accomplishes all of these integral pieces of putting.

  1. Puts your eyes directly over the ball. Not only is this correct, but it means you will be seeing the ball the same every time instead of having variance between every putt.
  2. Lets you see the line of the putt from the ball to the target.
  3. Makes you start the ball on the line of the putt, and gets you in the habit of concentrating on the initial line the ball starts on which is the only thing you have control of in the putt.
  4. Creates quality practice.
  5. Can be used in conjuction with other teaching aids such as alignment aids.
Eyes inside the line of the putt

Eyes inside the line of the putt

Eyes on top of the ball and line of putt

Eyes on top of the ball and line of putt